Cambridge City Square

The Lifestyle Perfection

Cambridge City Square is located in the heart of Medan city and also in the  strategic Business center (Central Business District) which is surrounded by office buildings, banks, government and exclusive housing. Cambridge is a 4 in 1 concept that combines modern urban lifestyle with the vibrant life of local communities, covers an area of business (offiice space ), mall  (Cambridge City Square with 4 storeys complete with supermarket, gym, branded cafe & restaurant),  residential (Cambridge Condominium with five star facilities) and Cambridge Hotel Five Star facilities.

The Mall concept of a unique makes Cambridge became an exclusive icon of the urban terrain. Cambridge City Square understand  that Medan’s  community is very interesting with  local special food and packaged in the new atmosphere is cozy, hygienic and modern side by side with international brands that have been known throughout Indonesia and also the convenient meeting point for business and family.